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USS Scylla

Post  Avenger Dragon on Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:02 pm

Imperial Class Assault Cruiser
Length: 721m
Crew 875
Decks 26

Generation 2 Slipstream Drive
Two impulse housings with two Impulse drives each.

Cruising Warp: Warp 8.2
Max Warp: Warp 9.97

16 Type XII Phaser Arrays (one forward phaser bank
5 Torpedo Launchers (2 Fore, 2 Aft, 1 Turret)
8 Point Defense Phaser Turrets

Defensive Equipment:
Dual Layer Shielding
Regenerative Ablative Armor

Embarked Craft:
1 Runabout
1 Mission Scout
10 Type 8 Shuttles
4 Type 16 shuttles
5 Workbees

The Imperial class Cruiser incorporates many of the successful elements originating from the Sovereign family of starships including the akira and steamrunner classes, and improving upon them with the latest technology available including a shipwide hologrid allowing EMH and ECH holograms to access any part of the ship, combined with the latest computer core technology and the unforgiving requirements of slipstream drive requiring an artificial intelligence to correctly anticipate the constantly changing phase variances associated with slipstream travel.

While the sovereign was designed as an advanced exploration vessel that was also capable of holding her own in a fight, the Imperial was built from the ground up as a combat starship with the additional facilities to support scientific missions as well. Her greatest strength is the additional command and control facilities located at the aft of the bridge, allowing the ship to serve as a fleet coordinator for admirals on the line.

Such large and advanced ships are not without their drawbacks, the Imperial class has more mass per ton than the sovereign, resulting in less maneuverability and her regenerative armor is slow compared to the fast pace of starship combat.

Admiral Daniel Thomson
USS Scylla
Imperial Class Cruiser
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