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Rivers Class Project

Post  Fleet Admiral E. Kross on Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:12 am

Name: USS Shenandoah
Registry: NCC-91121
Class: Rivers Block II
Launched: 2408

Length: 800 meters
Width: 275 meters
Height: 165 meters

Decks: 34 decks (32 decks plus 2 in the modular pod)
Crew: 1300

Embarked Craft:
3 Danube class Runabouts (USS Shiloh, USS Savannah and USS Somerset)
10 Type 12 shuttles
6 Type 18 shuttlepods
6 Workbees
24 Type 9 Ground Support shuttles

12 Type 13 Phaser Arrays
2 Multi-Type Torpedo Turrets (1 fore, 1 aft)
1 Phase Plasma Cannon
Multiphasic Shield Grid
Ablative Armor Generators

1 Mark 2b Hybrid Quantum Slipstream Core
2 Impulse Engines
Shipwide Hologrid
Emergency Command and Medical Holograms (Affectionately known as Shane(ECH) and Shannon(EMH))
Advanced Sensor System

The Rivers class was based on the venerated Nebula class. While following the concept of mission specific modules, the designers of the Rivers class looked to the Prometheus class for the overall look of the ship. Instead of the Prometheus' four nacelles, the Rivers has two, with a mission specific module mounted behind the saucer. She is geared more towards science and exploration, though capable of combat missions. She foregoes the MVAM capabilities of the Prometheus class, and instead can be outfitted with any number of specific modules, including Sensors, Assault, Medical, Cargo, and Colonization.

The shipwide hologrid allows for holographic communications and displays in addition to giving the ECH and EMH the ability to move throughout the entire ship. With the current generation of computer and power systems, the Rivers can support up to four copies of any combination of the ECH and EMH programs under optimal circumstances. Theoretically, it is possible to support more, however, the designers found that further copies became unstable, both in ability, and personality. Additionally, the Rivers class is equipped with four holodecks for crew recreation.

Also of interest is the ship's maneuverability at impulse. Due to her size and mass, the Rivers class is prone to wide turns, as the tighter turns tend to overload either the port or starboard impulse engine depending on the direction of the turn. This makes her a tempting target to smaller, more agile vessels. However, the Rivers class has a tactical advantage over most ships, two torpedo turrets. These two turrets are capable of firing in 270 degrees, which allows for punishing broadsides when combined with phasers.

With war waging between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, it was decided to refit the Rivers Class ships in late 2409. The decision was made to refit the damaged USS Shenandoah first. This refit would mark the beginning of the Block II series of Rivers Class vessels, or the 'Shenandoah Sub-Type'. All future Rivers Class vessels would be built to the new Block II specifications. This refit would include several upgrades, and would swap the sensor module for a tactical module. The tactical module added two more phaser arrays, additional photon torpedo launchers with three forward and two aft, and additional shield emitters. The sensor capabilites were upgraded, to partially make up for the loss of the sensor module. Also installed was the A.L.I.C.C. computer core. Instead of the addition of a third hologram, the Emergency Command Holograms were updated to serve as the ship's AI, while preserving the ability for the AI to assume command in an emergency situation.

Overall changes to Block II series of Rivers class vessels were significant. The most noticeable of these is the four deck addition to the engineering hull. This new section houses two through-the-deck hangar bays running from port to starboard, with twenty four type 9 shuttlecraft that have been modified for ground support operations. Also in this section are the barracks for the Rivers marine contingent, which is responsible for the operation of the type 9 shuttle wings. A third runabout was also assigned to the Block II Rivers class vessels, and was intended to operate as a marine dropship and mobile command post. An additional, smaller sickbay complex was placed on Deck 29, as well as a fifth holodeck. With this increase in height, and space, the Block II series received the Mark 2b Hybrid Quantum Slipstream Core. Totalling thirteen decks in height, this newer core allowed for the inclusion of a single phased energy cannon in the bow, and increased time at slipstream velocities.

Ships of this class include:


A further twelve vessels are under construction or contract at the Alpha Centauri Shipyards. A second run of Rivers Class vessels is planned to begin once the first run is complete.


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Rivers Class Refit
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