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Note: I'll be keeping this locked until I'm done with the preface. After which, it'll be open for roleplaying. ~E.


The crowd was quiet as the old woman stepped up to the podium, with only the softest of whispers punctuating the silence. While well over a hundred years of age, and her once blonde hair now completely white, she was still a proud figure. She had served in Starfleet for years, achieved the rank of Rear Admiral, held the position of First Lady of the Federation when her husband was President before going on to hold that office in her own right. Now, at 122 years of age, Elise Appleton-Kross smiled first at he family and friends that sat on the stage behind her, and then the gathered crowd in front of her. "Eighty years ago today," she began, her voice ringing clear despite her age, "This ship slipped out of drydock, and took part in events that are now required study at the Academy. At her launch, we fought the terrible threat of the Aphena, we saw the beginnings of the Romulan Civil War, and the creation of what we know as the Federation today. From here, at Earth, the heart of our civilization, our races set forth on a journey that has since extended our holdings to the edges of the Delta Quadrant." She smiled at a group of Klingon and Kazon cadets. "Old enemies have become loyal and trusted friends, and we have seen great changes."

She paused for a moment as she regarded the people in front of her. Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi, Klingon, Kazon, Lyran, Gorn, even the occasional Haakonian, all looked back at her, each wearing the uniform of Starfleet. "On this," she continued, "The 80th anniversary of her launching, it is my great pleasure to rededicate this ship. Were my husband here, he would say 'In service, we find our salvation'. I can only hope that through the service of this ship, we may indeed find our salvation." She pushed a button on the podium, and through the windows of the drydock, a single bottle of wine, its label proclaiming it to be from the Hollow, circa 2417, the year of her original launching, shot forward to shatter on the hull of the massive vessel. As it struck, the running lights of the ship came on, and illuminated her name and registry. For the first time, in forty years, USS Shenandoah, NCC-91121-B, was again in service to the Federation.

Amidst the thunderous applause that had broken out, Cassandra Kross watched as her grandmother stood at the podium. While she clapped half-heartedly, her mind drifted back to the events of one year ago.


"Damn this thing is creepy," muttered the man, even as the sphere hovering obediently above his shoulder followed his every movement, illuminating wherever he looked. "What were they thinking when they built this bitch, eh?"

"Probably the same thing Starfleet is thinking now," muttered another man, a similar sphere hovering above his shoulder. "The Ascendancy class was built to project the Federation's strength and power. According to the historical records, when the USS Arizona appeared at the Torrin IV Colony, the Tholians surrendered on the spot."

The other man snorted. "Yeah right! Tholians don't surrender." His skin was dusky, and his dark hair cut short, all of which contrasted with the gold of his uniform. "They probably had to blast them all out of the sky."

The woman who was leading the group had finally had enough. "Shut it Miguel! Starfleet says we're to restore the Shenandoah, that's what we're going to do." She shook her short cut brown hair, the pointed tips of her ears denoting her half Romulan heritage. She wore the red of command, and the four gold pips of a Captain.

Miguel swallowed. "Yes Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am," he mumbled. He cut his eyes to where they other man, Bajoran from the ridges on his nose, chuckled. "Shut it Connor!"

The man known as Connor shrugged. Though he wore the blue of science, he had the three solid gold pips of a Commander, and seemed not to be intimidated by the woman leading them. "Not my fault you don't know when to keep your mouth shut."

"If you two are finished," interrupted the woman, "We're here." She gestured at the doors labeled Core Access, the sphere hovering above her shoulder illuminating it for her.

Connor glanced at the door and raised a brow. "Exactly what are you hoping to accomplish by activating the Shenandoah's AI, Cass? You know the originals were removed when she was decommissioned."

Rolling her eyes, Cassandra Kross, or Cass or Cassie as she was known, sighed. "Of course I know that. They're still at my family's home on Earth." She shrugged as she turned and tapped the controls to the doors. "Which is a good thing, they take excellent care of Grandmother," she said as she listened to the door locks click, and the doors hiss open.

Stepping into the large circular chamber, Miguel followed her and Connor. He looked up at the large cylindrical core that disappeared into the ceiling, and the floor, its only physical access being provided for by the catwalk they were currently on which surrounded it. "Those weren't the originals," he muttered. "They were the ones that were used. The original should still be installed. Probably not even aware of the amount of time that has passed."

"Exactly," said Cassandra. "I'm hoping it'll boot right up, and we can expedite the startup process, and get this ship back to Earth." She stepped up to one of the consoles, and placed her hand upon it. Without hesitation, the controls glowed to life. "Damn this thing is out of date," she mumbled. "First generation ILCARS." She shook her head as she tapped the controls. When the air beside her rippled, she turned to stare at a red haired human male. He was taller than her own 5'6, though not by much, and he was lean and lanky.

The red haired man blinked as he took in his surroundings before slowly turning to face Cassandra. "Hello," he said, his voice carrying with it the slight lilt of someone from old Ireland. "I am Seamus, the Shenandoah's AI. According to my database, it is the year 2496. Is that correct?"

Blinking, Cass nodded. "It is. And hello Seamus, I am Captain Cassandra Kross." She gestured at the Bajoran man. "Commander Tavis Connor," she said softly, before nodding to the dark skinned man. "And Lieutenant Commander Miguel Juarez. We were sent to return you to Earth."

Seamus' eyes rapidly flicked about the chamber. "I am unable to access the Starfleet Subspace Network to verify this. Please explain."

Sighing, Cass nodded. "I will. First, can you restore the lights please?" Seamus continued to stare at her as the lights came on, the sudden brightness causing the spheres floating over their shoulders to go out. "Thank you," she said as she blinked, adjusting her eyes to the light levels. "Now...you can't access the network because all of your systems are offline." She reached into her pocket and rummaged around, before pulling out a single isolinear chip. "This," she said as she extended it to Seamus, "Has everything you need to restart your systems, as well as your orders and mine."

Taking the chip, Seamus nodded, his fingertips squeezing the slick flat plastic as he accessed the information. There was an audible series of hums as systems through out the ship powered up for the first time in decades. The hologram's eyes flicked about as he processed data. "USS Shenandoah is now under the command of Captain Cassandra Kross. Accessing the nearest Starfleet installation to update database. Please stand by."

Glancing at the other two, Cass nodded. "This is going to take awhile."


Cassie ran her fingers along the edge of the desk. The ready room of the Shenandoah held the sense of history about it, and the simple lines and curves of the entire space spoke of the age that had born it. Rife with conflict, and exploration, the Federation of eighty years ago seemed like a legend, like that of Atlantis or Mu of old Earth. Logically, Cassie knew that the Federation still held true to the values and beliefs of the past, but with the current situation, it sometimes seemed hard to believe that good and justice still existed. As she sat behind the desk, she looked around at the items that still decorated the shelves. Most were replicas, from the brief period where the Shenandoah had been considered for the fleet museum. Many of the originals now rested in her family's home on Earth, but they gave a sense of familiarity to the place. Her eyes settled on the small wooden music box that rested on the shelf. She had no doubt if she opened it that she'd find a single lock of golden hair, and a multitude of pictures and letters, much as the real one held at the Hollow.

Shaking her head, she tapped the controls ontop of the desk, causing the monitor to slide up from its hiding place. Within minutes, she was lost in the logs of those who had commanded the vessel. She'd read them often enough, heard the stories as a child, studied the history as a Cadet, but never had she done so sitting in the real ready room of the man whose shadow she had walked in her entire life. She looked up as she heard the sound of a throat being cleared.

Connor stood in the door way, his eyebrows upraised in an inquisitive expression. "Have a minute?" When Cassie nodded and gestured for him to come in, he made his way over to one of the chairs and took a seat. "Last place I expected to find you was here. I'd have thought you'd avoid anything to do with him, since you seem to hate him so much."

Sighing, Cassie shook her head. "No," she said softly. "I don't hate him at all. Grandfather was a kind and loving man. He was intelligent, wise..." She smiled slightly as she glanced at her friend. "When I was a child, he used to tell me stories, and he would project the images into my mind...with all the sounds, and smells...It was like being there." She laughed softly. "I'd go to Bajor, Betazed, and Vulcan all before bed without ever leaving the house." Her smile slowly faded as she stared off into nothing. "No...I don't hate him. I hate living in his shadow. My father's an Admiral now, my mother is a leading diplomat for the Federation. Cousin Natalia has made breakthroughs on the Progenitors. Hell, my grandfather and grandmother both held the office of President." She smirked. "I'm going on 40, and I just made Captain two years ago. I'm a Kross, I'm destined for great and important things." She glanced at Connor. "Do you know what that's like?"

Shruggin, Connor shook his head. "No. Grandfather Bran never made it past Captain, but his colleagues speak well of him, even your grandparents. Still." He smiled slightly. "I'm just a half Bajoran mutt."

"Some mutt," snorted Cassie. "You're half Bajoran and half Human. Try being half Romulan, with only a drop of Betazoid in you." She rolled her eyes, her voice changing in pitch and tone. "'Can you sense anything Cass? You're part Betazoid, right?' Yea, no. I can't sense s***." Shaking her head, she returned her attention to the logs on the screen. "Besides...I'm just reviewing the logs. Its...different being here," she said softly. "Where it all actually happened, you know?"

Glancing around the ready room, Connor nodded. "I know," he said softly. "Its like the place is haunted. I keep expecting to see your grandfather walk onto the bridge."

"He's dead," said Cassie softly.

Connor raised a brow. "Really? The rest of your family seems to think that he's still alive somewhere...just out of phase."

"The rest of my family can't accept that he's gone," sighed Cassie. "He died just after I graduated the academy. He's not going to come back and save us all like some kind of modern King Arthur, no matter how much they wish it were otherwise." She ignored the way her voice thickened, and the tears that stung her eyes.

Nodding slowly, Connor said nothing for a moment. "Right," he finally broke the silence. "Anyway...Seamus is done updating, and he has some questions it seems."

"I do," said Seamus as he materialized. "Several, in fact. The historical records are quite clear, but I would like a few points explained further."

Tapping the controls to shut off the monitor, Cassie nodded as she leaned back in her chair. "Alright. I suspect I know what they'll be, but go ahead."

Seamus nodded as he took the seat beside Connor. "I understand that the Cardassians and Ferengi petitioned for Federation Membership in the 2420's. However, I also note that the Klingons, Lyrans and Gorn petitioned as well?"

It had been exactly what she had expected. Closing her eyes, Cassie nodded. Of course, the computer would ask about the glaringly obvious. "In 2434, the Romulans sought an alliance with the Krenim Imperium."

"My records contain information on that as well, including information on the Romulan Civil War and the dissolution of the Star Empire into the Outer Territories, which joined the Federation, and the Core Territories, which reformed the Star Empire under Empress Sela," said Seamus.

"Right," said Cassie. "After Representative Neval, err...she was a Commander back then, but anyway...After she exposed the conspiracy by Sela to bring the Tal Shiar back to pre-eminence, and assume absolute control by laying the blame for the destruction of Romulus and the failure of their own slipstream project on the Federation. The Outer Territories, or the Romulan Republic, joined the Federation in 2421, while the Star Empire, and several of its Beta Quadrant territories continued to fight one another for the next ten years." She ran her hand along the curve of the desk as she went through the memories that had been shared with her by her grandfather on those events, as well as the logs she had read. “In 2434, Sela contact the Krenim. She convinced them that since they both had grievances against the Federation, that they should work together. So she proposed an alliance. The Romulans would share their slipstream technology, which they'd perfected by then, and their cloaking technology."

"And that is where the historical record becomes distorted," said Seamus. "It says Romulus was destroyed again."

Cassie shook her head. "The record isn't distorted. The Krenim agreed that in exchange for those technologies, they would use their temporal technology to restore Romulus."

Seamus blinked. "Did they succeed?"

Smiling slightly, Cassie sighed. Seamus was much like Shannon or Shane. Though they could easily access the information, they often preferred to take part in the less efficient way that humanoids shared knowledge. "For about a minute, yes," she said softly. "The Krenim brought a ship, specially designed, to the remains of Romulus. They initiated a temporal incursion, and for a minute, Romulus was restored." She shook her head as she remembered. This particular memory was vivid in her mind, it had been one of the most painful that her grandfather had shared with her. "The affects of the Hobus supernova had left subspace in that region of space unstable, and the planet was torn apart again, this time in full view of the Romulan fleet. Several Federation and Klingon ships were there to witness the event. The Romulans...lost their minds with grief. They turned on the Krenim, and seized the ship. They traveled across the galaxy to Krenim space, and in one spiteful act of retribution, they removed the entire Krenim Imperium from existance."

Seamus blinked. "That...is an extreme response."

"Not to the Romulans," mumbled Connor. "Not now anyway."

Cassie nodded. "They've gone mad with anger and grief. Once the Krenim were gone, they went after the Federation and Klingons, blaming the presence of their ships at Romulus for its destruction the second time." She paused and sighed. "Access the database on Starbase 243."

"Accessing," said Seamus. "Starbase 243, lost in 2434, completed in 2436." He blinked. "They attacked and destroyed Starbase 243?"

"No," said Cassie. "They didn't attack it. They erased it from existance." She shook her head. "It took a combined Federation and Klingon fleet to destroy the temporal ship that the Romulans had captured. Thankfully there was only the one, but the damage was already done. The Romulans set out on a path of conquest, claiming vast territories in the Beta Quadrant, and conquering almost half of the Klingon Empire in a matter of three years."

Seamus nodded slowly. "And the Klingons, Lyrans, and Gorn joined the Federation in 2438 as a result?"

"Yea," said Cassie. "The Kazon joined about a decade ago. The Federation now stretches across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, with an arm called the Corridor, that stretches up through the Delta Quadrant to the territories there that joined in the early part of the century."

"I see," said Seamus. He tilted his head to the side as he processed the information. "And...what of the Aphena?"

Connor chuckled. "The Dominion took care of them. Wiped them out as far as we know."

"At least in our galaxy," added Cassie. "Right now, things with the Dominion are tense. But we don't think they're going to risk an all out war, not now at least."

"And the Romulans?" asked Seamus.

Cassie swallowed...hard. "We have tried negotiating with them, we've tried offering our assistance in securing the future for their people. The Star Empire is determined to go it alone. They have no standing alliances, and any ship that ventures into their territory is never heard from again. They are bent on restoring Romulus, and the glory of the empire. Hell, they've even taken a page from the Borg, and are adapting themselves with cybernetics."

"Speaking of the Borg," said Seamus. "What happened to them?"

Sighing, Cassie nodded. "They've reconstituted the collective. They aren't nearly as powerful as they once were, but they're still a threat."

Nodding slowly, Seamus stood up. "I believe that covers everything I wished explained, Captain. According to your orders, we are to return to Earth, correct?"

"That's correct," said Cassie.

"Then, would you like me to lay in a course for the Transwarp Gate at DSD1?" asked Seamus.

Smiling slightly, Cassie nodded. "Please."



Cassie blinked as she turned towards her father, feeling the soft, familiar touch of his mind. With his head, Daniel Kross gestured at the podium, where Elise stood waiting, her smiling face settled on Cassie. Blushing slightly, she stood and stepped up to the podium beside her grandmother. Glancing out at the faces of the audience, many of which would be her crew, she took a breath. "It is an honor to follow in the footsteps of so many members of my family in commanding this ship," she said, forcing herself to smile. Now, more than ever, she wished to be in command of any vessel, other than this one. "My grandfather once told me that he believed every ship had a soul, a spirit of its own, and that it seemed to protect and guide its crews in the darkest of times. Let us hope, that the spirit of the Shenandoah will see us through the days ahead." She searched the faces of the crew in front of her, and gave one quick nod, her short hair bouncing. "Until 0800 hours tomorrow, I bid you all good day."

The crowd applauded as the ceremonies came to an end. Stepping down from the podium, Cassie glanced to where the members of her family stood gathered around her grandmother. She tried not to think, knowing that the Betazoid members of her family could sense her thoughts.

"Cassie," said her father softly as he gestured to her. "You did well," he said as she walked over to the group. "I didn't think you'd be able to finish completely refitting her in just under a year."

Smiling at her father, who stood dressed in his admiral's dress uniform, Cassie nodded. "Yes, well, it was a team effort. Commander Tavis and Commander Juarez were excellent leads on the project."

"I understand you've tapped them as your first officer and chief engineer," said Daniel. "I'm sure they'll do an excellent job."

"So am I..."


"...Where in the hell did you find an 1800 meter long core?" asked Cassie as she stared up at the massive horizontal core that was undergoing its final fittings. It resembled cores of the past, though this one was a fully integrated slipstream core, its spherical chamber resting at the heart of what was main engineering.

"The Celestials were the only other class of starship to use horizontal cores," said Juarez as he folded his arms and grinned up at the core. "They were only 1800 meters long, though, so their cores were only 1600 meters in length. So we had to add an extra two hundred meters. But we did it. Tested it, damn thing is more efficient than you can imagine. And with the Zero Point generators to augment the power systems, this baby is going to be a beast."

"Still," said Cassie as she continued to stare up at the core. "Its so big..."

Juarez chuckled. "That's what all the ladies say the first time they see it..." He grinned. "Oh, you were talking about the core."

"Shut it Miguel!" said Cassie as she shook her head. "How are we on the rest of the refit?"

"The Type Twenty phaser arrays are ready to go, double lined, just like you ordered. The Transphasic torpedo turrets are being installed, and we've even finished the upgrades to the point defense system," said Juarez. "Right now, I've got a team working on the hookups for the phaser lance," he grinned. "Also Type Twenty."

Cassie nodded. "Good. And the cloaking device is installed, right?"

Miguel sighed. "Yea, its installed. Damn thing was a bitch and a half to integrate though. We've also managed to finish off upgrading the core to ALICC III specs, and the latest version of ILCARS." As if to prove a point, he touched the console nearest him, and a holographic display of ship appeared, with data points highlighting the refits and upgrades. "Shield emitters are installed, and, we're expecting the arrival of the eight Atlantic class runabouts this afternoon. The Type XXII shuttles arrived this morning. All one hundred of them." He shook his head as he looked at the display, the ship's four large shuttlebays currently highlighted. "Damn good thing this bitch was meant to fill the carrier role."

"Uh huh," nodded Cassie. "You know, for someone who seems to be so put out with all this, you jumped at the chance to take part in this project."

"Are you kidding me?' grinned Miguel. "Its an Ascendancy class. And not just any Ascendancy, the Shenandoah! I've dreamed about working on one of these babies since I was a kid. When they announced plans to refit all of 'em, including those in mothballs, I damn near wet myself."

"Yea," said Cassie. "Well, they already have the Ascendancy herself and the Arizona in active duty, and the Pearl Harbor is slated to be ready to go in another three months. We're lagging behind."

Miguel shrugged. "None of them had to have a complete overhaul either. The Pearl Harbor was only retired twenty years ago, so her refit is nothing compared to our's. Besides," he grinned. "The press corps doesn't give a rats a** about them. They're just ships. This is the-"

"The Shenandoah, yea," interrupted Cassie with a sigh. "I heard you the first time. Lets...just get it done, alright?"

"Right, sorry," said Miguel. "I forgot you aren't exactly keen on this assignment. What with your family and all..."

"Miguel-" sighed Cassie.

"I know, I know," sighed Miguel. "Shut it. Yes Ma'am."


The large brick home was quiet, with only the faintest sounds of conversation coming from the gardens in the back. Cassie sighed as she stood in the entry hall. Her eyes went from the parallel staircases that flanked either side of the room, to the doors which lead into the music room, and the grand piano that rested in the middle of it. Walking towards it, she let her fingers slide over the keys. She had spent countless hours as a child learning to play from her grandmother. As she made her way into the library, she stopped and leaned against the door jam. The titles of the books were like old friends, and the smell of old leather, and parchment made her smile. This had always been her favorite room in the house, and she had spent much of her time reading and learning. Since before she could remember, the importance of her family had been impressed upon her. She was a Kross. It was only natural that she should join Starfleet, and one day command her own ship before moving on to the admiralty or politics. Or perhaps she would follow in the footsteps of her aunt Lucciola, and cousin Natalia, and become a respected scientist. Her rather lackluster career had been unexpected to say the least, though her family, to their credit, had never made issue of it, merely suggesting that she had not yet found her path in life.

"You know," Elise's soft voice interrupted her thoughts. "I remember how your grandfather stood in this same spot when he was debating on running for President."

"Did he Gram?" asked Cassie softly.

Elise nodded. "He did. What finally made up his mind was when Danny told him that it was the one place from which he could make sure that things changed. And, after losing his brother..." She shrugged as she tried not to linger too long on the painful memory of Erik's death. "He didn't regret it, though he did miss serving in the fleet."

"I'm not him," said Cassie. She shook her head. "I'll never be him, and I don't want to be him. The only reason I took command of the Shenandoah was..."

"Was to make a difference," said Elise. "Its in your blood, just as it was his." She stepped forward and put her arm around her granddaughter. "Don't worry about being compared to him, or to your father, or me. Don't let your last name dictate your life. You are far more capable than you believe, and you will make your own mark on history."

Smiling slightly, Cassie nodded. "You say that like its already fact."

"Because it is," nodded Elise. "You just haven't figured it out yet." She smiled as she turned to face her granddaughter. "Why did you take command of the Shenandoah? The real reason."

Drawing in a shaky breath, Cassie sighed. "To fight the Romulans. You heard about what they did to the people on Khitomer, no chance to surrender, no mercy, nothing. They slaughtered every last one of them, and that isn't the first time they've done that. They have to be stopped."

Nodding, Elise stepped back. "And so you will. Now," she smiled as she nodded towards the doors leading out into the garden. "Everyone is waiting to wish you good luck. You should go see them," she said before heading towards the doors herself.

"Gram," said Cassie, not yet having left the library. When Elise stopped and turned towards her, she continued. "Do you really believe Grandfather is still alive?"

Elise shook her head. "No child, I don't believe it. I know it."


"Engineering, standing by," called out an officer.

"Helm, standing by," said the young Ferengi Ensign. He wore the traditional head dress of his people as he ran his hands over the console in front of him.

"All systems are green," said Connor as he sat beside Cassie in the first officer's chair. "We're as ready as we're going to get."

Nodding, Cassie cleared her throat. "Ensign..." she glanced at the young Ferengi. "I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

The Ferengi turned and grinned. "Ensign Brox, Ma'am."

"Brox," smiled Cassie. "Take us out, nice and slow."

"Yes Ma'am," said Brox as he turned back to face the main view screen. "Taking us out, thrusters only." The cradle of drydock slipped away as the Shenandoah's massive form inched forward, her four nacelles glowing brightly as shuttles and workbees sped out of the way. "We are clear of drydock," said Brox.

"Good," said Cassie. "Lay in a course for the Vendor System, and engage."

"Aye Captain. Course laid in for the Vendor System. Engaging slipstream," said Brox.

The angular form of the Shenandoah turned away from the hustle and bustle of Earth and the orbital installations that surrounded it. With her deflector glowing brightly, she shot forward, and disappeared into the blue green vortex of slipstream.

"ETA to Vendor," said Connor, "Twenty two minutes." He smiled at Cassie. "Just enough time for lunch."

Laughing softly, Cassie nodded. "Ready room, then."

“Of crouse,” said Connor. A minute later, they sat at the small coffee table, half eaten sandwiches in one hand, and a padd in the other as they reviewed the ship's systems. “I have to hand it to Miguel,” said Connor with a shake of his head. “He's done a hell of a job refitting this monster.”

“Mmm,” nodded Cassie as she took another bite of her sandwich. “He has at that.”

At that moment, Cassie's commbadge chirped. “Juarez to Kross.”

Shaking her head, Cassie grinned at Connor. “Speak of the devil.” Tapping her commbadge, she sighed softly. “Go ahead Miguel.”

“Captain,” came the response. “I've been running continuous scans on the core since we left. I thought you'd like to know that we're running well beyond our expected efficiency rating. I can eek out a bit more speed if you like, or-”

Cassie softly interrupted him. “Just store the excess energy Miguel. I have a feeling we're going to need it.”

“Yes Ma'am,” responded Miguel before the commlink closed.

Having sat quietly the entire time, Connor raised one brow. “Expecting trouble, Cass?”

Taking another bite of her sandwich, Cassie nodded slowly as she chewed and finally swallowed. “The Romulans have been out to reclaim the territories that joined the Federation for years. Its not a coincidence our first real voyage is to Vendor.” She shook her head as she finished off her sandwich, and sighed. “Starfleet is worried that the Romulans may try and push into the area.”

“Great,” grumbled Connor. “Just what we need.”


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