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Daniel Thomson

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Name: Thomson, Daniel
Rank: Admiral
Current assignment: USS Scylla, NCC-91003
Date of birth: September 1st, 2352
Place of birth: Austin, Texas, Earth
Other Family: Lynn Thomson - Sister, Brian Thomson- Nephew

2372- Graduate, Starfleet Academy after 3.5 Years
2372-2375 Participated in Dominion war, earning rank of Commander and serving as first officer on Nebula Class USS Bonchune.
2379- Involved with second Lyran-Federation conflict, also known as the fourth Hydran-Lyran war and negotiated an end to the conflict within 3 weeks.
2379- Recognized as an honorary knight in the Hydran Kingdoms for outstanding valor in the fourth Hydran-Lyran war.
2381- Promoted to Captain, Assigned command of the USS Thresher NCC-951 by Admiral Jellico
2381- Starfleet Intelligence: Temporal Investigations sequesters comptuer core of USS Thresher, and all personnel logs, professional and personal. Disciplinary action on record, no details available.
2381- Involved with the internal Gorn conflict of 2381. The Gorn metropolis of Turtle-bay is destroyed. Regent S'laath removed from position and title. Thomson is given the title of 'Avenger Dragon' by King S'lathis. All other details not available
2385- Assigned to search and recovery mission of Excelsior class USS Denali, Awarded Sterfleet medal of valor for preventing the captured ship from creating an interstellar incident with the Cardassian Union, USS Denali is listed as a total loss.
2385- USS Thresher Undergoes a 6 month refit Using scrapped materials from USS Denali
2389- Assigned to Starfleet Scientific corps as Operational Escort vessel
2391- Disciplinary action for crossing the Romulan neutral zone.
2395- Reasigned to front line patrol with 23rd fleet under Admrial John Springer
2397- Disciplinary action for instigating a conflict with the gorn, no details available on behalfof the gorn government.
2399- USS Thresher disabled and destroyed in attack on Starbase 24
2400- Assigned USS Broadsword
2402- USS Broadsword removed from service pending investigation of Starfleet contract ship design firm 'Omega' and it's ownership.
2402- Reassigned USS Scylla NCC-91003
2409- Promoted to Admiral of 23rd fleet under Evan Kross.

Daniel Thomson was raised on the edges of Austin Texas on a ranch run by his family where actions were often louder than words. His early life was filled with hard work, long hours, and meager reward as the main focus of his life was maintaining the ranch. His principles are relatively simple. If it needs to be done, do it. If it's broke, fix it. If someone's picking a fight, you don't throw the first punch, you throw the last one.

When he was in his mid-teens, the family had broken apart, no small part belonging to Daniel's teenage rebellion while fighting with his family and enrolled in Starfleet that night.

Daniel Thomson is a man that strives to know every detail of his ship and crew, so much so that the ship virtually becomes an extension of himself. He knows his crew well enough to know what is within their limits, what is too far, and what can be reached with a little push. Often he pushes his command to the very limits. Both physical and mechanical. His crew can often anticipate what the next order will be, and can execute actions that much faster because of it. His command style demands the best of everyone under his command. And with someone like Jennifer Pax sitting as the ship's captain, the crew often find themselves performing to the best of their ability very quickly or suffering the wrath of a woman that has been proven capable of taking down almost anything that can walk in a matter of seconds in hand to hand combat.

Personally Daniel is an introverted figure, preferring to keep to himself and his own when off duty. He respects the privacy of others as long as it doesn't affect the ship. His free time, what little of it he has, is often filled with reading various reports over the federation network, or the occasional drink. He has never spent a recreational hour on a holodeck, choosing to enjoy life 'in reality'

Admiral Daniel Thomson
USS Scylla
Imperial Class Cruiser
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